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Takemusu Aikido Kyokai (T.A.K.) is a preservation society, affiliated to Aikikai Foundation, with the objective of protecting, preserving and teaching the Traditional Aikido of the Founder O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba taught in Iwama.

Our aims will be fulfilled  by:

  • Maintaining a close association with Moriteru Ueshiba Aikido Doshu, the Aikikai Foundation and Ibaraki Branch Dojo.
  • Protecting, preserving and teaching the Aikido and teaching methods of Morihiro Saito Sensei.

Takemusu Aikido Kyokai (T.A.K.) is a network of dojos and individuals all of which are members of the Aikikai Foundation.
Takemusu Aikido Kyokai (T.A.K.) accepts members ranked by Aikikai only.

Leadership in Takemusu Aikido Kyokai:

Takemusu Aikido Kyokai (T.A.K.) was created by Paolo Corallini Shihan and Ulf Evenas Shihan, who are heading Takemusu Aikido Kyokai (T.A.K.); there is also a group of Senior Instructors that functions as a board of directors.

             corallini                          ulf
        Paolo Corallini
Shihan                   Ulf Evenas Shihan


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